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The San Diego Multi-Cultural Festival is postponed.

The San Diego Multi-Cultural Festival is postponed.

The San Diego Multi-Cultural Festival is postponed.The San Diego Multi-Cultural Festival is postponed.

The San Diego Multi-Cultural Festival

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 The San Diego Multicultural Festival, in honor of Sheila R. Hardin, celebrates the diversity that is reflected throughout San Diego. The festival will be free of charge and open to the public from 11:00 am until 5:00pm. The festival is designed to excite, educate, and entertain the community and those visiting the Greater San Diego Area. The entertainment and education at this event demonstrates an appreciation of San Diego’s Cultural Richness, Traditions and Heritage. Hundreds of people, all ages and cultures, will flow through the Festival as they enjoy culturally centered music, dance, activities and food. 



Vendor Booths: Interesting cultural merchandise, and information from a wealth of organizations and businesses including the San Diego Water Front merchants.

Children's Area: There will be drum circles, face painting, and interactive crafts to excite our youngsters. The children will be busy in this area learning about different cultures. These free, fun activities are known to produce laughter and fun for the children. International story tellers will bring to life diverse ethnic stories through the interactive, artful use of words and action to reveal a story's elements and images while activating the listener's imagination.

Main Stage: The attendees will be entertained all day with multicultural music, song(s) and dance from all over the world. These Heritage based entertainers will offer a compilation of cultural sights, sounds, dance, music and song that will keep participants engaged throughout the entire day. 

Food Area: Participants will be able to enjoy different ethnic food.

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San Diego Multi-Cultural Festival